7 Ways to Create Killer E-Books with PLR

ebook-reader-shutterstockYou’ll find that most PLR packages come with e-books that are ready-made at your disposal. These e-books will usually come with e-book covers, source files for editing (usually word documents) and sometimes sales letters or opt-in pages.
PLR e-books can be used as free gifts for your opt-in page, in order to build your subscriber list. However, I would advise that you edit the contents to give a personal touch to your e-book, and make it more interesting. Good e-books tend to be recommended to other people, so it’s good to focus on further building the quality of the e-books you wish to share.

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Here are 7 ways you can create killer e-books using PLR products:

  1. Add interesting pictures, diagrams, and charts to exemplify the ideas in the bookmake killer ebook with plr diagrams

  2. Add more relevant points to existing ideas or add new ideas to bulk up the e-book             make killer ebook with plr add content and ideas

  3. Combine 3 or more e-books to make a massive complete guide                        make killer ebook with plr create a guide or how to

  4. Transcribe audio mp3 or video PLR content into e-books                                       make a killer ebook with plr transcribe audio or video plr

  5. Put referral links to affiliate products, blog posts or related content in your e-book

  6. Finish the e-book with a link to a related paid product as a special bonus for owners of the e-bookcreate killer ebook with plr giveaway bonus

  7. Give resell rights or giveaway rights to the e-book


These ideas will help your e-books engage and intrigue your readers, as well as give them a call to action to perform the next step, such as encouraging them to share the e-book or to buy something.
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